Coco avant Chanel

Anne Fontaine directed this biopic movie about Coco Chanel that shimmers with delicate beauty and elegance. Audrey Tautou stars as the legendary Chanel designer, Coco Chanel. This movie follows the early life of one of the worlds most influential women in fashion, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. It starts off by introducing the audience of two little sisters being dropped off at an orphanage by their father who promises his return that never happens. It follows Coco through her childhood, teen years, and then adulthood, capturing every moment of her failures, successes, emotions, and love life.
When watching “Coco avant Chanel,” I started to get a different perspective on life and fashion. This movie showed me that
before the infamous brand name there came hardship and perserverance. Gabrielle, Coco, came from an orphanage with no social status and worked her way up to becoming a legend. With all the elaborate costumes, feathers, hats, beads, dresses, and corsets Coco brought a style of simplicity and comfort. What she introduced was the idea of “back to basics” and “black is in.”
Coco is an idol to many and her brand is legendary icon. In a world that is nearly impossible to obtain opportunities, Coco showed that anything can be accomplished with hard work and determination. What she did was revolutionize feminism, which she later gained respect for through her fashion and ideas. This movie is worth seeing because of its dynamic drama and it is a piece of history that has helped shaped our culture through the decades. Audrey Tautou does a brilliant job of performing this powerful character throughout the movie; Coco Chanel developed a style that is still a staple in many peoples closet!

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