Round is always one of the classic elements in designs of all fields- it is common in eye glasses industry, . For example, there is a very famous round eyeglasses, the ray ban 3025. It has become many people's first options as summer approaches. It can fit all the face shapes which help it develop very fast. Though these sunglass wear are widely worn by people with round or oval faces, the number of people wearing ray ban 3025 is large. Here is a simple explanation about the popularity & specialty of this style from ray ban.

One of the greatest roles of ray ban aviators is for decoration- the same are square sun wear. People now tend to match square sun shades with other accessories, like necklaces, shoes, outfit, or some people have much greater passion for them than other decorating articles. A nu
mber of the most popular colors include ray ban aviator. black, silver, pink, green, gunmetal, etc, have become very popular in the recent years. These square sun wear in different colors can greatly boost wearers' persona & appearance. What is more, all worlds' top name brands in the field are engaged in making sun wear in the shape of square.Therefore, the high fashion ray ban sun glasses, to a greater extent, become luxury accessories that stand for social strata, elegance, fashion, etc.

Moreover, square sun shades may even be used for vision correction if specially prescribed. Plenty of people often come to such recognition that sun shades are only used for adornment. It is true that most of ray ban aviator sunglasses are used as accessories, but some may even be used as vision rectifying devices. That is to say, individuals who are in require of RX eyeglasses can now also wear sun shades.