How To Choose Hand Painted Oil Paintings

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, material culture and spiritual culture to improve the pursuit of increasingly important. People's values and culture gradually improve, aesthetics and taste better, hand painted oil painting is a good example, so do you know how to choose hand painted oil paintings?
First, the picture effect is good, natural performance, smooth lines and light and shade change very comfortable and natural, looks not contrived not deliberately, everything seems so easy, art appreciation and high value. Second, hand-painted oil paintings to preserve for a long time, the general can save hundreds or even thousands of years, many of the world's famous paintings have hundreds or thousands of years of history, has a very high collection value. Third, strong decorative effect, the general family, villas renovation will choose pure hand-painted oil painting, because painting full of art atmosphere, have a taste of the painting can reflect the owner decorous and artistic temperament, give a person a kind of noble feeling, more can beautify the living space. Fourth, draw a long time, hand-painted oil paintings by the artist pencil drawn, there are a lot of painter's subjective thought as well as to the understanding of art, takes a long time to draw, relatively expensive inkjet canvas. Fifth, hand-painted oil painting with a very strong sense of three-dimensional, sense of hierarchy and art, color and light changes in performance is very delicate, drawing objects is not a simple image reproduction but true to life reproduction. Sixth, art appreciation value is higher, has a certain value to the collection.
Painting quality and save time and the use of raw materials have great relations, in which the canvas by the material can be divided into: pure cotton canvas, chemical fiber cotton fiber blended oil on canvas, canvas, pure linseed oil on canvas. Different materials of the painting characteristics are also different. Linseed oil on canvas: Senior canvas, color bright yellow, good gloss, is the most comprehensive as canvas all the properties of oil base; Cotton canvas: painting and decorative canvas, natural color cotton, cloth covered with dense yellow / Brown / black dots for hemp skin grain structure, performance is less than a full linen canvas; Fiber cotton Blended Canvas: painting and decorative canvas, natural color, fine and smooth surface, strong elasticity, impact resistance, moisture resistance, performance is less than a full linen canvas; Chemical fiber cloth painting: painting and decorative canvas or learning / practice with a cloth, white, fine and smooth surface, strong elasticity, impact resistance, moisture resistance, performance is less than a full linen canvas.
Through the above said hand-painted oil painting quick links characteristics, and different material has characteristics, if you know how to select oil painting?I sincerely hope that the painting a little understanding, to bring you the convenience of choice.