Is the Ipad Air as easy to repair as Iphone?

A lot of people claim to have 'butter fingers', that is when you are either careless or do not have quick motor response, due to which things are always falling out of your hands. Nowadays, with expensive smart-phones that barely fit in the palm because of their size, damaged LCDs and broken phones have become very common. However, phones are not the only victims of falling on hard surfaces, rather, tablets are the biggest victims. This is mainly because of their size and also because children use tablets more than they use phones, and obviously you can't expect children not to run around with them. This is the reason a lot of people have paid attention to the new Ipad Air and seen if it is as easily repairable as the Iphone.
The griffin ipad 4 case is a thinner and lighter version of the original Ipad, and looks ultra modern. Obviously because of it's weight and new look, it is a better version to use both for adults and children. With it's physical characteristics different from the previous Ipad, it's components are obviously different. The battery, circuit board and many other components are lighter and thinner! The Ipad Air battery is not as easily replaceable as it is glued on to the panel and only a professional will be able to do it. You should be more careful when using the Ipad because its repairing can only be done through a professional Apple repairman.
There is really good news for all those contemplating on buying the new Ipad air. The LCD glass and digitizer are NOT fused together! This means that even if the LCD cracks, you do not have to replace both the digitizer and LCD. If you drop it or bang it against something, most probably the upper layer of glass will break which you can buy online at cheap rates and get it replaced by a professional.
Iphone parts are available everywhere on the Internet and there are some really good websites that sells genuine cellphone parts which can be delivered in a few days to your house. It is easier to replace Iphone parts in case of any damage than it is to repair an IPAD AIR case for kids. However, Ipad parts are also available online, with a large variety of items like it's LCD, battery and much more. This means that you can buy these parts online, but obviously get it fixed bya professional which will be cheaper for you in the  end. The new Ipad uses the same nano sim as in the Iphone 5S and has a better battery life, so hopefully you will not require any changes in battery unless you spill water on it. All mobile phone users have been waiting for mobile phone companies to release a tablet or phone that has waterproof battery, but even with the new Ipad Air this is not the case. So, make sure all  liquids and especially water is not anywhere close to the tablet or phone.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K63XW9C

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