IPad, IPhone Users How You Read Has Changed

I think we all know that technology has changed when and where we read. The people at Read It Later, an application that lets you save pieces for later reading, found an interesting way to measure how mobile technology is changing yet again the habits that computers forced on us.
First they looked at when people are hit with reading material. Not surprinsingly they found that people are bombarded with content at "every waking hour." Then they looked at when people with computers do their reading. Unsurprisingly, most do their IPAD 4 CASE
The chart for iPhone users reading habits is interesting:
The reading habits of iPhone users.i
The reading habits of iPhone users.
Read It Later
It tells you people reading on mobile phones are reading at four key times:
6am - Early morning, breakfast
9am - The morning commute, start of the work day
5pm – 6pm - End of the work day and the commute home
8pm – 10pm – Couch time, prime time, bed time
But then, they looked at IPAD 4 CASE users and found that they read during comfort times. The IPAD 4 CASE, the analysis says, moves reading to where it used to be when we read magazines, books and newspapers. That is to our private time and to our comfort places. Here's the comparative graph:

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