iPad 'Smash Video' Is A ... Smash

One of the stupidest things you've seen or heard about in a long time?
A statement of some sort?
Just a way to get some attention?
All of the above?
As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says, a Pennsylvania kid's stunt — buying an IPAD 4 CASE and then promptly smashing it to bits as he and his buddies videotaped the whole thing — is sparking strong reactions.
Including, unfortunately, death threats.
For his part, high school senior Justin Kocott says "I did it because I wanted to be first." First to pulverize one of the new tablet computers, that is.
And, he says he used his own $500 to buy the IPAD 4 CASE
His video has been seen nearly 800,000 times, so far, on YouTube. The boys drop an expletive or two, so we can't post it here, but feel free to go watch if you wish.
Meanwhile, we wonder: