Women's Football Association undecided 5,000,000 total prize money can be broken

Recently, with the Chinese women's football in the Canadian Women's World Cup, "climbing", reached the Cheap FIFA Coins quarter finals, around the Chinese Football Association how to reward Chinese women's football issue has become the focus of the circle, outside hot. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association as early as before the team set off in North America have been identified, to be rewarded for breaking achievement of the Chinese women's football World Cup. As for the specific amount, depending on the team will be the next record. To be sure, the Chinese team, whether among the top 4, will receive no less than $ 600,000 of the FIFA World Cup bonus, plus the Chinese Football Association the added bonus of not less than one million yuan reward, the Chinese women's football Comprehensive received bonuses is expected to reach 500 million, which led to a few thousand dollars monthly general girl for women's football, but an astronomical figure.
Just before Seattle Chinese Women to the United States before the World Cup final zipper, the Chinese Football Association leadership had met to discuss incentives for Chinese women's football World Cup, of course, provided that the Chinese women's football to win the group qualify to do so, but it turns out, Chinese women's football team not only completed the breakout The stated goal is exceeding the target, advance to quarter finals. So, how will the incentive program specific and detailed, the Chinese Football Association is particularly urgent.
Coming from insider information display, the Chinese Football Association 23 middle-level cadres held an internal meeting, the meeting also mentioned about the Chinese women's football World Cup bonus issue, however, because the team is preparing for the quarter finals, association leaders and does not disclose specific incentives to middle-level cadres, he said only that specific award amount has not yet been finalized. But there are well-informed sources, the relevant amount has been tentative, but at an additional award amount is 1 million or 2 million on the problem aspects of association is still discretion.
In any case, the Chinese team to get the high reward is a must, even if no additional reward the Chinese fifa coins store Football Association, FIFA will award all participating teams routinely, especially into the knockout of 16 female football team. An informed source revealed, FIFA Women's World Cup as early as three months or so before the start, put the incentives distributed to the relevant member associations. According to this approach, into the first knockout round of the team will get more than $ 300,000 in prize money, and into the Top 8 teams will receive more than $ 600,000 in reward, if the Chinese Football Association award an additional 100 million, so the total Women bonus amount will be 400 million yuan or more, if additional reward of 200 million, the total prize money exceeded five million yuan. It is reported that, since the General Administration of Sport For a single project team to participate in international sports competitions bonuses with strict rules, FIFA can not be fully allocated bonus and sent to the Chinese women's football in the hands, of which a small portion of funds for sports, the Chinese Football Association appended Reward Chinese women's football, we are hoping to make the economy are not wealthy countries women's football team, to get more material rewards.
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