Cartier Etourdissant Ring

While spessartine ring is REPLICA HERMES JEWELRY on the 2015 “Art Basel Miami” art exhibition launched Étourdissant new fine jewelry, inspired by the “sunset beach.” Designers chose a spessartine as the main stone, ring care design is integrated into the cheetah zebra pattern, showing Cartier iconic animal theme.
Spessartite also known as “Fanta stone” because it contains “manganese” elements of a golden yellow to orange, orange gem is one of the highest saturation. The ring master stone weighing 40.96ct, Sugar Loaf make color more rich, reminiscent of beach along the warm afterglow.
In order to get the main stone color transition more natural, Replica Cartier ring care in the design of a golden hue is still in use – rose gold ring care material, mosaic orange, yellow and colorless diamonds, black leopard is used to draw the outer rose gold outline the contours of markings, stark color contrast. Ring care arc shape is rounded contour, Sugar Loaf Mountain and cutting the main stone echoes.Van Cleef Arpels Pink Gold Perlee Pendant with Diamonds 5 Rows: http://www.luxury-jewelry.cn/van-cleef-arpels-pink-gold-perlee-pendant-with-diamonds-5-rows.html