Cartier Love Bracelet Fake Gold

Cartier bracelet is only introduced this year Cartier Bracelets Love Bracelet Fake advanced jewelry series published works – Cartier Love Bracelet Fake, in French meaning of the sun. The new series of vignettes inspired by the ancient Egyptians believed the sun and has a gold to illuminate the souls of people, but also a symbolic amulet. Cartier was inspired by the ancient legend, creating a gold bracelet only have Byzantine art style.
Broad-brimmed gold bracelet design highlights the gorgeous Byzantine artistic characteristics, Cartier Love Bracelet Fake use “chisel engraved” traditional crafts, hammer in hand create a gold surface relief pattern, and the total weight 2ct inlaid four pear-shaped diamonds, and five total weight 3.5ct oval cut diamond embellishment, like the totem-like graphics, reminiscent of ancient Egyptian jewelry incarnation of the sun god – “scarab” pictorial.
The performance of different textures and metal bracelet hollow design is characteristic only of the inner ring bracelet. Gold matte effect with a mirror-like metallic luster as gold contrast? Increased layering bracelets. Van Cleef Arpels Pink Gold Perlee Pendant with Diamonds 5 Rows: http://www.luxury-jewelry.cn/van-cleef-arpels-pink-gold-perlee-pendant-with-diamonds-5-rows.html