Chang Chen Interpretation Of the Cartier Brand New Clé de Cartier Watches

Whether Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day under the lens, or “best time” in lovers through three periods, also, or “great master” in the boxer Sky and grandmaster “The Go Master,” as the Asian film industry’s most One of a talented actor, Olivia self-break, daring to try new themes and characters, and to the extreme interpretation. As a creative watchmaking pioneer, Cartier has always uphold the pioneering spirit, leading the first era, creating a series of classic styling count: square of Santos, rectangular Tank, circular Ballon Bleu …… while the new Clé de Cartier watches also Also smooth round design side, carrying the same brand of bold innovation DNA. This season, Olivia will be a new Clé de Cartier perfect show, bring “the best time.”
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15-year-old on the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award nomination for best actor Zhang Zhen, face the vagaries of showbiz, remain calm attitude, the pursuit of simple rustic lifestyle. He said that his favorite places in the world or his home in Taiwan. He loves to climb in his hometown will be able to walk a few steps away from the busy city, surrounded by nature. He loved visiting the night market in Taiwan, but also love to eat fried rice dishes and braised pork. Halo slipped actor, he was the favorite among the natural looking self and inner peace Olivia. As simple and timeless Clé de Cartier watch, balance, clarity and restraint, to draw inspiration from contemporary architecture, simple and compact lines, and sketched out flawless minimalist profile. Block watch will “mellow” as a form of “elegance” of Italy, giving the feeling to fill the gap. Minimalist design aesthetic not only bring Cartier watch creation of a new inspiration, also revealed the essence of a life of minimalism: the brave front row but did not forget the early heart, advocating purely to simplify away. Like Olivia drama off screen, ease and live very self, although swords, but the interpretation of real life.
Zhang Zhen said, “Whether in the city visited exploration, Bvlgari Earrings or walked down the red carpet to attend the premiere, elegant understated Clé de Cartier watch design exudes quiet in the driving feel, with my personal styles complement each other.” Zhang Zhen from the inside out exudes a quiet strength and confidence of the gas field, as he to wear the Clé de Cartier watch, to eliminate all jumbled in annoyance, the embrace inner peace and strength.
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In this 90 seconds of the video, Olivia grandest Hong Kong city, living in the spotlight with a busy trip, with the heroine common search for some secret affair. Through a series of casual look, mysterious letterhead and a brief moment, when wearing a pair of Clé de Cartier watches couple in roof garden rendezvous, the climax of the story will follow.
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Clé de Cartier series since 2007 Ballon Bleu Cartier series was born another classic masterpiece. Inspired by modern architecture, the series with simple and innovative, simple outline, simple graph showing a simple tactile and visual charm. “Clé” in French means “key”, this series was designed in the new crown is like a key, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of using a key on the watch chain. The watch offers three sizes, including 35 mm and 40 mm watch equipped with a Cartier 1847MC developed a new self-winding mechanical movement, “1847” is not incidental income, which represents the brand was founded in the year.
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