Chinese and the Wade Giles System

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After 1958, romanization Wade-Giles has been abolished in China.

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For example, one unit I advised was the 2nd Field Army, Logistical Command, 42nd Transportation Truck Group. I have no idea how that would look in Chinese and then be translated to English. I was involved in this when Chinese was all transmitted in numbers because there was no way to transmit characters by telegraph. Basically it was done using a very large dictionary and each Chinese character was assigned a number, requiring each end to have the same reference book transmit and to translate to specific language. I do have a list in Chinese and English of the main people I was in contact with and their specific title.

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In Chinese the translation spelling would be determined by the translation authority used. When I studied Chinese I used the Wade Giles System. All of these use a phonetic system that will most closely sound like the Chinese word. For example in English, Hua would be Wha, Hua, or Hwa. Another example is that in English, Creek, a small stream, according to region, would be pronounced crick, or creek. The same is true in the translation of military terms. The Chinese word for a large group of military men, as a unit, would not necessarily translate into a US Military equivilant, such as Battalion, Group, Detachment, Brigade, depending on the actual equivalent parallel U. S. Force structure.

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In China it should be: dian hua

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If you check I believe you will find that ding wha is literally translated as telephone. Strict translation is ring and talk.
Your question is very strange to me. ding wha is not an English expression and also is not a Chinese expression.

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Did not answer question about Ding Wha

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Please see the resumes of the relative translators in the major:

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One question. What is your translation of ding wha? Mandarin translator This would give me an idea of your capability on translating terms, such as military terms that I am looking for on my document. I do not see any military term expertise in your interpreter credentials.

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