Comments from Clients on Translation Quality of the Website of Canada Aurora Borealis Tourism

Comments from Clients on Translation Quality of Chinese translators the Website of Canada Aurora Borealis Tourism
The number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad is increasing year on year. The tourism industries of different countries all value the huge market of China very much. They are carefully thinking of how to attract Chinese tourists. Network based marketing is the only way for expanding tourism market. It's a very important way to expand the tourist market of China and attract Chinese tourists by opening the version of Chinese in their official websites. However, currently, tourism websites worldwide only come in English and their mother tongues and 99% of the websites have not Chinese version. It indicates that the translation of Chinese website is a really difficult thing. We are deeply aware of the importance of translation quality of Chinese websites. Website translation is not only a correct transfer of meaning from one language to another, but also shall reach the effect of publicity and promotion. For this purpose, the language must be very pure and beautiful and easy and relaxing for the potential customers to read.
Luckily, on a real estate fair held in Vancouver in the summer of 2014. We encountered Mr. Guo Wuwen, the principal of Beijing Huayi Translation Company. After several months, we expressed our intent to Mr. Guo that we planned to entrust his company to translate an English tourism website into Chinese. He was very glad to help us translate this website. The first step was a test, which went very smoothly. The test translation of several hundred words submitted by Huayi Translation was very good. So both sides quickly reached an agreement on price and translation quality standard. Next the translation also went very smoothly. The translation quality of the whole website was as good as the test translation. The wording was very beautiful, far beyond our expectation. We thank a lot to the efforts of Huayi Translation and Mr. Guo for our website.
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