Hortensia replica Cartier love bracelet

Replica Cartier has just launched a fine Hermes Rings Love Bracelet series of new works – “Replica Cartier Love Bracelet” still continue “hydrangea” topic. Designers use sapphire, tanzanite, diamonds and white chalcedony, to render shadow summer night quiet hydrangea garden, Replica Cartier Love Bracelet in French and Italian for the Milky Way, Replica Cartier hoping to reflect the clear summer sky.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet inspired by a French princess named Hortense de Beauharnais, the late 18th century, Replica Cartier has been customized with the same name as the Princess Hortensia theme jewelry. 2014, Replica Cartier inspired by historical archives, using pink tourmaline, pink sapphires, pink opal and rose gold re-interpretation of this theme, the new work in blue-based colors.
Designers using three different ways to express the shape of hydrangea – you can see full diamond petals hold marquise sapphire; cambered white chalcedony central embellishment a tanzanite; most compact design in white gold mosaic flower center a sapphire flower. These flowers have different sizes, each stacked wrong, just as Hang garden hydrangea.
The new book covers the bracelets, brooches, rings and other items, also launched a fine jewelry watches, you can see the three-dimensional shape of flowers on the white gold case, particularly with a blue satin brings to the table off the deep sapphire color.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet set with nine total weight of 0.7 kt Marquise cut, brilliant cut sapphire, white chalcedony, and 206 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight of 2.48 karats. Van Cleef & Arpels: http://www.luxury-jewelry.cn/van-cleef-arpels.html

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