Misbehaving Labrador Puppies and How To Train Them

How about every time your dog steps on your feet?
Don't you think your dog knows where each of his feet are chinashop, and where they belong?
Or, how about his tail? Does he accidentally smack you as he goes by?
Maybe he clears your coffee table as he moves past?
Certainly, you can't expect your dog to understand that this long, unwieldy appendage can rearrange your knick-knacks or whatever.
"Maybe it's best to keep him out of those areas. Besides, he's like a bull in a china shop.
" We don't need to put up with these sorts of "unavoidable" impositions on our lives or property.
"But, surely there's no way to correct such innocent impositions". *
If you believe that, then you've wasted your time reading this manual.
Either start over again, or reexamine your thinking.
Let's look at how you might remedy these situations.
Remember, your dog is going to model your behavior and act in kind. You set the standard for good behaviors by demonstration.
Every puppy goes through a mouthing stage.
It's usually out grown by the end of teething.
That means he needs to chew something to cut new teeth. Provide appropriate items to be chewed.
Everything else is not to be touched.
Establish appropriate mouth behavior right from first contact.
There's no excuse for being abused by your dogs teeth until he's finished teething.
There's no such thing as being too young to learn any behavior, within the physical limits of his body. His brain is ready to be programmed to learn everything he will ever need to know by the age of 18 days old.
Training your dog is not much different than creating a filing system.
Just as you address each page that appears on your screen, each behavior your dog performs should be dealt with before moving on to something else.
Of course, if you are not prepared to cope with a behavior because of, perhaps time restrictions, make note of that behavior and set and appointed time to re create the situation and address it totally.
The first instance your dog puts his mouth on you is to be regarded as an issue. Each time you permit any inappropriate behavior to continue without being address, you are setting the precedent for more of the same behavior. https://www.facebook.com/chinashop2016/

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