Professional Chinese Translation Specializations

Each industry most often has specific terminology that is essential to the daily operations of that industry. No matter the industry, those terms are vital in being able to convey the proper meaning of the source language into the Chinese language.
Every linguist expert in Huayiwang Chinese Translation’s database is specialized in Chinese and at least one foreign language.
The following are a list of some of the specializations our translators have an expertise in:
Legal Translation
Financial Translation
Business Translation
Manual Translation
Marketing Translation
Technical Translation
Media Translation
Manufacturing Translation
Medical Translation
Government Translation
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Translation Industry Expertise
Over our many years in business, we have been able to gain expertise in a number of fields including: advertising, aerospace, automotive, business, chemical, contracts, defense, e-learning, education, energy, entertainment, financial, globalization, government-related, immigration, legal, litigation, localization, manufacturing, marketing, media, medical, patents, religion, retail, software, technical, telecommunications, user manuals and websites.
We not only specialize in a number of fields, but also in a number of languages. Our database is filled with translation experts who are able to handle translations to and from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
Professional Chinese Translators
Our company has a combination of qualified linguistic Professional Chinese Translation Scopes experts as well as a dedicated team to provide you with the highest quality translation services possible. Huayiwang Translation’s database of translators offers professional and timely translations. Every project that we receive is translated and proofread by native speakers to ensure that the result of the project is the best possible translation. Both the translators and proofreaders working on the projects are specialized in the specific field related to the project. Furthermore, those working on the projects have access to translation memory tools as well as dictionaries in order to provide the most accurate translation.
Expert Translator Teams
In the event that the Chinese translation project is quite large, a team of dedicated translators may be formed to complete the project in a timely fashion. Our teams of translators have years of experience in the translation field and have all worked together in the past. All translators have been subject to extensive testing and have specialization in the field of the projects they are working on. http://www.chinatranslation.net/Professional-Scope/