Replica Hermes Chevauchée Bracelet

Replica Hermes in 2016 brought new series Chevauchée While this bracelet works by five different colors and shapes of gems, cover with a red jasper agate, onyx, jasper and marble, designers use the traditional the Intaglio process, a central gem Replica Hermes Bracelet presents the most representative elements of horsemanship.
While Replica Hermes Bracelet inlaid with every jewel is individually cut shapes, you can see the most popular gems shape round, square, pillow, oval and emerald shape. These gems inlaid in silver package base by slender lugs natural connection, bracelets shackle design also cleverly integrated into the belt buckle shape, symbolizing the traditional leather Replica Hermes Bracelet beginning of the creation.
Designers chose the most suitable for carving gem material in this piece, such as hardness 7-7.5 onyx, jasper hardness of 6-6.5 and the like. Each gem carvings have been careful design, you can see the shape of a horse’s head, horsebit equestrian and other important elements.
Carving patterns most special is a round yellow agate, gem center presents Van Cleef & Arpels a Talaria, clearly carved out sandal strap and wings wings – this is Greek mythology “Hermes” iconic dress , the English name “Hermes” Hermes founder Thierry Hermès exactly the same name. Replica Hermes Jewelry: http://www.luxury-jewelry.cn/replica-hermes-jewelry.html