Translation Quality Control Process

Our Quality Control Process (chinatranslation.net) guarantees quality Language Translation Services which begin from the moment you contact us till even after the completion of our delivery. Our dedicated Project Manager supervises the entire process of your work and can answer any questions you may have regarding your project. All new clients are contacted by telephone shortly after project completion to ensure your satisfaction.
Our Quality Control Process consists of steps such as reviewing your material and requirements thoroughly before commencement of work, ensuring that all questions the linguists have are answered and all information related to each assignment are carefully recorded so that nothing has been missed. Whatever the type of service, the most important step in this process is matching the assignment to the best possible linguist. All language services require not only language expertise but also expertise in specific subject matter. An example with regard to written translation is a legal document requiring English translation. Such a document relates to patent or copyright infringement, and includes scientific formulas which would necessitate a professional translator with both the necessary legal and scientific backgrounds or alternately, two qualified translators, one with the appropriate legal background and one with the appropriate scientific background.
The other steps of our Quality Control Process allow for several checks and balances to ensure the best pocssible product and services. Some of the steps vary slightly depending on the exact service we are providing:
Website Localization: Our Quality Control Process for website localization includes a step strictly aimed at reviewing the site from a cultural standpoint as well as a step to provide thorough testing of the site upon completion to ensure that all links have been reengineered properly and to verify that the site will perform correctly on different browsers.
Document Translation: The Quality Control Process we apply to written translations includes several stages of proofreading and editing to ensure accuracy, good idiomatic language, completeness and correct formatting.
Interpreting Services: Apart from matching the best possible interpreters to the particular assignment, the other key step in the Quality Control Process for interpreting services is taking several measures to ensure that the interpreters are as best prepared as possible so that they can concentrate on doing what they do best. This includes providing them with necessary subject-specific Chinese interpretation service preparation materials and detailed information regarding the actual progress of the assignment.
Multilingual Projects: One of our specialties is the translation of materials into several languages at once. These particular translation projects have their own specific Quality Control elements, such as taking measures to ensure consistency of different versions and making sure that all translators involved are provided with all the information they need to perform quality work.
This information gives you a brief outline of our Quality Control Process. If you have any questions or would like more specific information regarding our Process, please contact us.

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