Action-packed honeymoons

We imagine that after Valentine's Day there would have been enough beaming white smiles that would have lit up the entire world – all because of one simple, yet life-changing question: "Will you marry me?"
Yes! Yes! Yes!
We imagine there would have been a few not so pleasant responses, the kind that breaks your heart into tiny pieces of broken dreams, which then wither away when a cool breeze sweeps by. Ah well, plenty more fish in the sea and all that jazz. In the meantime, there are lots of ice-cream flavours to get acquainted with.
Somewhere along the line this will eventually lead to the big day, be it something intimate and modest at a registry office or the ultimate wedding with thousands of 'close friends and family', Heston Blumenthal as chef, a Bollywood dance number to get everyone animated, Beyonce for entertainment and, let us not forget, delivery of the rings by a pair of uber-intelligent Dolphins.

As for the honeymoon, well, according to new research, what newlyweds are going for these days is a little different to the classic "let's chill somewhere exotic where there's just pretty white sand and clear-blue water".
Unique Honeymoon magazine found that a commanding 81 per cent of Brits would prefer to have a more adventurous trip abroad than laze about. Only 12 per cent said they favoured a lethargic beach-style break.
It's a cultural shift in some ways. What these recently betrothed couples are looking for is a special way to kick off a new chapter in their lives, to do it in a unique way that is fun, adventurous and memorable. That's not to knock the chilled beach holiday, that has its plus points, and indeed, it's great to be able to lounge about with your partner. Beach holidays can be just as fantastic and unforgettable.
Either way, a honeymoon is an inimitable break. Rarely does one get to holiday on the back of a huge commitment like dedicating your life to one another. Ah, to be in love, what a joy it is! That's what it feels to be human. That's what life is ultimately about.
Posted by Andrew Hill, cottages4you