Yves Saint Laurent Shoes Your Wise Choice

High heels is the essential weapons for every woman who want to be sexy, charming, and gentlewoman. Once you just put a pair of high heels on, you immediately straight your body up, and the curve appears ups and downs; the pumps stretch the leg line ,then make the proportion of your body more slender in visual, and even drive you naturally graceful when you are walking up. So, picking up a pair of high heels seems to be especially important. Yves Saint Laurent has launched a variety of expressing individuality high heels to the world, and there is always a right pair for you.

Being faced with a rapidly changing world, how could the fashion conform to trends yet ? The designers should maintain their traditional, or promote innovation? On the Yves Saint Laurent shoes T-stage , this conflict between tradition and innovation has surfaced. "I am in pursuit of a kind of minimalist," Stefano Pilati the designer of Y S L said, "but still with full of flavor in female and bold revolution in women, and the most important is positive and proactive momentum." His solution is two-pronged approach, one aspects of Japanese minimalist style, on the other hand are the transformation with no mercy on the profile shape and hot sexy shoes.
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If the placid and mild comments were made on the last season Pilati shoes collection , the mesh shoes with leather mesh uppers, metal grid heels will definitely be this season hots. Firstly, they can wear to walk; Secondly, looking like Gladiator boots, but they are more modern and more lightweight. This season shoes collection, a number of models who have worn fancy but gingerbread shoes stumbled along on the T stage. The female audience under the show stage also talked in whispers .But Y S L shoes blend the creativity and functions , effortlessly come out on top. Designer Stefano Pilati want to express a kind of ultimate simple aesthetics. Although simple, they still have the feminine and a little daring spirit of adventure.

Noble temperament, luxurious appearance,are the permanent brand image of Yves Saint Laurent. The exquisite structure, determines the elegant lines.

"The elegant lines primarily depends on the its purity and refinement structure ." Yves Saint Laurent pursues the simple design of clothing structure. And in the main body of design that considered the structure supreme , bringing the expression of lines into play to the limit has also become a indelible point in the Y S L brand following style.

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