First Promo Image and Official Synopsis for “Therese D” Starring Audrey Tautou

Every year the American Film Market (AFM) releases a heap of new images from upcoming films and thanks to the Collider we’re treated to the first images from French actress Audrey Tautou’s new movie Therese D.  Based upon the novel of the same name by author and Nobel Prize winner Laureate François Mauriac , Therese D is to be directed  by French filmmaker Claude Miller (The Little Thief).
Here’s the synopsis for the Therese D:
France, late 1920’s. Lovely and free-spirited, Thérèse marries her neighbor Bernard Desqueyroux, thus joining their respective properties in one vast estate. Bernard tolerates his brilliant, passionate young wife’s strong character and opinions, but she soon finds herself suffocated by the boredom of her provincial life and her husband’s intellectual mediocrity. She dreams of Paris, longs for stimulation and culture and, despite herself, starts to seek a way out. Until the day Bernard gets intoxicated with deadly arsenic… What starts as a mistake turns into an attempt to poison him. Thérèse is found out and, in addition to being disgraced in both her own and her husband’s families, she must face justice for her attempted murder.