Audrey Tautou to star in LA DELICATESSE

While she may not take the biggest acting stretches ever, is there anyone who does romance quite like actress  ?

Variety is reporting that the always-wonderful thespian has joined the cast of the upcoming David and Stephane Foenkinos film, LA DELICATESSE. She’ll be joined by Francois Damiens in the film, penned by the latter and based off a novel penned by the former, which follows “a Swedish man (Damiens) who falls for a young office co-worker, played by Tautou. Still mourning the death three years before of her husband in an accident, but delicately courted by the Swede, she gradually reawakens to life and falls in love again.”

The film should start shooting in Paris in March, with a 2012 release likely, and while I’m not familiar with the Brothers Foenkinos and their canon, I do absolutely love Tautou, and this film sounds right in her wheel house. She’s a wonderfully talented actress, and hopefully this film will show that.

What do you think?