Own Tissot Watches Own the Whole World

Tissot stands for quality and style. Over the decades, this Swiss watchmaker brand has built for itself a formidable reputation as the manufacturer of some of the world's best watches. The designs of Tissot watches have been known for their unique style. It has never been difficult to get an exquisite classic style with it. If you are looking for a quality watch that is immensely stylish as well as functional, durable, fashionably innovative and still has the classic look, then you can go for Tissot watches, which come with perfectly advanced technology and perfect style that you can a find a design for any occasion.

Founded by Charles Felician Tissot and his son Charles - Emile in the homey town of Le Locle, Switzerland, in the Jura Mountains over 150 years ago. Tissot became a recognized member of the esteemed Swiss Swatch Group Ltd. in 1983, the world's largest producer and distributor of watches. Their exquisite and classy watch design, and their many styles and looks have earned them respect across the international market. Now it has a presence in over 150 countries worldwide, and on every continent, following a business philosophy as old as the Tissot company itself, they strive to carry their products all over the globe. In 1958, the founder's son Charles-Emile left his home in Switzerland and successfully sold his father's watches across the vast and influential Russian empire. They have been at the cutting-edge of fashion for decades, found often on the wrists and in the pockets of celebrities everywhere.

Many celebrities and leaders worldwide for the last century and a half, including Elvis Presley and Nelson Mandela, have worn Tissot watches. They are a respected and recognized watch-making company that has never let go of its roots as a Swiss company. Its creative, innovative, and sometimes eccentric design team delivers a wide range of classic and high-tech products with advanced functionalities that many other brands do not provide. With attractively priced timepieces, and an excellent commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service, Tissot is a world-renowned for their excellent products. Due to the precision and reliability of their products, they have been declared the official timekeepers of many world sports championships such as cycling, ice hockey, motorcycling, and fencing, and others.

To own Tissot watches is to own an item of precision, beauty, reliability, and good taste. Treat yourself to Tissot, the innovators by tradition. YOu deserve to own it.

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