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Longchamp is a French manufacturer of travel bags, handbags, luggage, wallets, small leather goods, briefcases and fashion accessories. This company was founded by Jean Cassegrain in Longchamp in 1948. Longchamp is a family run business, and the current company president is Philippe Cassegrain, Jean’s son, who took over the company in 1980. Initially Longchamp manufactured leather coverings for pipes, but by 1950 they also started manufacturing small leather goods. The first Longchamp factory was set up in 1957, in Segre, France. During the 1960s, Longchamp continued to expand, and created several famous luggage travel bags. During the 1970s the company launched the Xtra, which was the world’s first foldable canvas bag. In 1975, Longchamp launched the revolutionary "Veau Foulonne" line of travel bags. In 1979, Longchamp entered the Far East market, and expanded its presence in Europe. By 1988, Longchamp opened its first boutique in Paris.

In 1990, the company launched its line of silk scarves and ties. In the winter of 1993, the Le Pliage and Roseau ranges were launched. In 1997, the company expanded its Segre factory and significantly increased its production capacity. 1998 saw Longchamp celebrating its 50th anniversary with a grand showcase in the Louvre, Paris. In 1999, the company opened its boutiques in New York and Tokyo. By 2001, Longchamp had over 60 boutiques spread across the globe. In 2006, Longchamp opened its 100th boutique. Limited edition Longchamp bags and handbags have become collectibles and can be found on many online shopping portals.

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