Love Letters To Myself

Last night, and this morning I watched the film Beautiful Lie’s starring , Nathalie Baye and Sami Bouajila. I wasn’t sure what I expected to see, as romantic films are a new venture for me. I hoped that the story wouldn’t be yet another girl meets boy and she messes everything up in the middle, with a bittersweet ending with boy telling girl he loves her after she has apologised. Funny thing is though, this film is quite similar except with a slight character twist and the unpredictable events. It’s a beautiful film, and all fans of  and will love it (especially as the director of the latter film has directed this one). I love it, and highly recommend it.
In fact, after watching it I became inspired to sit and write a few love letters to myself, and I thought about how I could introduce this film to a friend who is an avid film lover like myself – that is the tricky situation I will try to work out… he hates romantic films!
The idea of writing love letters to myself is something I’ve thought about doing, but I never really sat down and ever planned one or wrote one. I didn’t see the point of writing letters about love since I had no positive understanding of it, and now that I’ve experienced it briefly with a Belgian man it seems I still have a lot more to learn. Besides, I’m 23 – I feel I’ve missed out of valuable years of learning already and I’m not getting any more chances to try again.
What goes in a love letter? How do I start one? How do you make the other person quiver at the sight and sense of your words? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself and to be honest I’m stumped. I can’t say ‘I love you,’ or ‘You are my sunshine…’ as I’ll be writing to myself. I want to feel the words leave my mind and see them on the page. I want my heart to flutter every time I refer to it in the future… I want it to be so fleeting that if I forget, it will brighten up my day when I’m feeling lost, low or bored.
Daily affirmations have come into my head; maybe I can write an extended affirmation and post it to myself? Writing about myself, writing about my body, my mind and the things that make me happy, however I’ll have to limit myself as I don’t want it to be too revealing. The love letter in is, well, beautiful. Watching the reaction of the characters’ once they had read the letter themselves was enough for me to wonder what it would be like to receive one. I’ve never had one and I highly doubt I ever would as classic romanticism is hard to find unless you are rich, if you are then you can pay for it.
For the following 7 days, I’m going to test something. I’m going to write several letters of love to myself, and possibly add that little bit extra with letters of self-love back. Who knows what I could find out? This could be a very positive project.